Adobe Stories: Inspiration in the Far Frozen South

In our continuing series sharing some of the most inspiring Adobe Stories, we wanted to spotlight John Paul Caponigro (@jpcaponigro) for a story focused on his passion for the remote and beautiful continent of Antarctica.

John Paul has been visiting Antarctica for years, photographing its natural beauty, and using his images to raise awareness about the region and its ecosystem. His tool of choice for processing his photos is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Caponigro explains:

“Because the nature of my first Antarctica project was editorial, I was interested in working within stricter limits and Lightroom’s limits fit those. Lightroom also offered the promise of greater organizational capabilities and productivity, which was very useful while handling a high volume of images made on an extended voyage. Lightroom delivered….

My Antarctica project and Lightroom brought me back to basics. This shift in focus encouraged me to further strengthen both my camera skills and my storytelling practices, and consequently my vision as a whole. This opened new avenues of discovery, encouraging me to think about still images even more cinematically.”

Beautiful, haunting Antarctica

Beautiful, haunting Antarctica

You can see much more of his amazing work at his website and read his full Adobe Story here.

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  1. Guy Manningham

    I always said I wanted to visit Antartictica when I was younger, but I think I will just opt to live vicariously through amazing photos such as this and avoid the hypothermia. Haha.

Rachel Luxemburg

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Rachel Luxemburg