Anny Liu & Janice Lee Take A Stand For Creativity!

Winner of the Silver Award in Animation in the Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards, the film LOOK is one part exhibition of skill, and one part protest piece. Anny Liu and Janice Lee, directors of the film, wanted to tear down the stereotype that art was not a serious subject and that creativity could not lead to a worthwhile profession.

“When it came time to produce a video for the Adobe Youth Voices program,” says Jeff Larson, Anny and Janice’s teacher at Balboa High School in San Francisco, “they were drawn to exploring the idea of how many people in society take art, design and creativity for granted, and sometimes even belittle the dreams of those who want to enter the fields professionally. Thus, the concept for their animation/motion graphic project was born.”

Janice Lee

By creating a compelling video that asks the viewer to look around and consider all the creative work around them in their daily lives, from architecture and fashion, to graphic and industrial design, Anny and Janice remind their audience that art infuses our daily lives and comprises an important component of many industries.

“Both Anny and Janice are very intelligent and bright young women who are passionate about being creative,” says Jeff. “From early on, both students demonstrated a strong aptitude for working with digital media, and bringing their fine art, illustration and design skills into the computer seemed very natural and intuitive for them.”

Janice, who just graduated from Balboa High in the class of 2012, finds her artistic inspiration in video games and says that animation is a passion for her, as is her involvement with CAST – Creative Arts for Social Transformation. Janice plans to pursue higher education in the fields of animation and concept art. Anny, also among this year’s graduating class at Balboa High, spends much of her free time exploring the arts and intends to pursue a career in the media. Anny is also a dedicated member of CAST.

AYV Live! 2012 in San Francisco

From the perspective of an educator, LOOK was a winning project from the start. “From the earliest storyboard and script version of their concept, I was excited,” says Jeff. “I knew that if anyone could pull off the concept visually and technically it would be these two and their team. Knowing that there was a deadline, Anny and Janice worked endless hours outside of the classroom setting to make their vision a reality. The engagement, perfectionism and dedication I witnessed while watching the video come to life was truly inspiring and the best thing that any teacher could hope for.”

Watch Anny and Janice’s labor of love, and if you agree that creativity plays an important role in our society, leave a comment in support of their work – we’ll make sure we pass it on to these dynamic young change makers!