AYV Essentials Partners With Discovery Education Network

Adobe Youth Voices unveiled two exciting announcements this week!

Firstly, we are proud to invite you to visit our new Essentials online community, where we have expanded our offering of free creative curriculum, and launched a set of community features to inspire and connect educators from around the globe. Essentials now features news updates, an educator directory, and the opportunity to contribute and review creative media projects within the Essentials site.

If you haven’t already registered for Essentials, visit the new site and sign up today!

Introducing the new Essentials

Building on this expanded offering, today Adobe Youth Voices announced a partnership with the Discovery Education Network (DEN), giving us the opportunity to bring Essentials curriculum to the vast community of DEN educators throughout the United States and around the world. Discovery’s long track record of empowering educators with best-in-class technology and teaching tools makes DEN a powerful partner for expanding access to Essentials curriculum.

In coordination with the 2012 ISTE conference, Adobe Youth Voices and Discovery Education hosted a “Day of Discovery” at University of San Diego, providing workshops and professional development for over 100 educators. We kicked off the event with a preview of the new Essentials community, providing a first look at the free media making curriculum and resources for educators.

“I love what Adobe Youth Voices does and the opportunity with Adobe Youth Voices Essentials,” said Lisa Linn, a DEN STAR educator from Oceanside, CA. “Anything that will help me spark creativity in my students is something I want to pursue.” Lisa says she is excited to pursue creative approaches to her lesson plans. “What I saw of AYV will help me explore this more.”

We look forward to seeing the amazing ways DEN educators use Essentials curriculum, and how the community continues to grow!

Discovery Partnership Announcement