Meeting of Minds at Cannes Lions

Ann and Steve discussing the CORE solution

Ann and Steve discussing the CORE solution

While here at Cannes Lions, Ann Lewnes, our SVP of Global Marketing met up with Steve Plimsoll, CTO of Mindshare, to talk through their launch of CORE. CORE is a data-driven marketing intelligence platform that empowers both analysts and non-technical users to make informed marketing spend, audience targeting and creative optimisation decisions across all touch points in real-time.  It brings together data sets such as CRM, sales and supply chain data, with media channel spend, social, audience profiles and real-time trading information and reveals consumer actions and insight at a granular level, taking away the guesswork, latency and siloed nature of marketing-spend decision making.

The digital marketing team, here at Adobe, has been working closely with Steve on CORE, with Adobe Insight, part of the Digital Marketing Suite, powering the user interface for data visualisation, modeling, data mining and reporting.

In an age where the amount of data available to marketers has never been greater, the value of all this data lies in the ability to deliver actionable insight in real-time.  It was great to see CORE in action!


  1. Janet Haines

    How does one contact Ann Lewnes or her office?

    I am a representative of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain and I want to discuss with the correct person within Adobe, the potential of having two of your top line presenters visit the UK in 2014 for an International Symposium.

    Please respond to my email address. I am reluctant to provide my phone number here as it may get misused by ill meaning people.

    This is a genuine enquiry and I am finding it hard to find a way to contact Adobe top line people.

    Thank you

    Janet Haines ARPS

  2. Pooja Prasad

    Hi Janet,

    We’ve received your inquiry and will be in touch via email.

    Thanks for contacting us!