Youth Development In The Ger District Of Ulaanbaatar

This spring, Monica Grover traveled to Mongolia to visit a youth development program in the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar which is jointly supported by Adobe Youth Voices & The Global Fund For Children. The program, located in the city’s Ger District, is home to a community of families that have recently arrived in the nation’s capital after fleeing declining living conditions in Mongolia’s countryside.

A ger is a traditional portable tent that is used by many families who have taken up residence in this district. Families come to the city in search of jobs and better living conditions, but the challenges they face in the district’s “tent city” include a lack of adequate infrastructure (many families live without running water or electricity) as well as a struggle to obtain the documentation needed to secure legitimate employment in the city or to send their children to school.

The Adobe Youth Voices program in Ulaanbaatar provides a resource for young people living in the Ger District who would not otherwise have access to education and professional training.

Girls In Ulaanbaatar

Monica tells the story of Michidma, “an especially outstanding student” in the Adobe Youth Voices program in Ulaanbaatar:

“Her family has been touched by alcoholism, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and poverty, and she has overcome many difficulties. She was working in the market for a time and dropped out of school to help her family. Now, she is in her third year of college and is studying to become a journalist.”

Michidma, who is very involved with the Adobe Youth Voices program, has applied herself to developing journalism skills that include interviewing her subjects and telling her subjects’ stories with sympathy and sensitivity. She has also devoted herself to learning English. Her mentors report that through her participation in the program, Michidma is becoming a true leader in her community.

To read more about Michidma’s story and the Adobe Youth Voices partnership with The Global Fund For Children in Ulaanbaatar, we invite you to read Monica Grover’s original account of her visit.