Adobe and NBC Olympics Join Forces to Bring the Olympics to Mobile Devices

Today, Adobe and NBC Olympics announced the official NBC Olympics apps for the iPad, iPhone and select Android tablets and smartphones. These two mobile apps will provide a huge variety of content – from live streams of all competitive events to short video highlights, medal ceremonies, and more. This is possible because of the partnership between Adobe and NBC Olympics, and Adobe’s ability to provide leading video technology solutions at scale.

Adobe creative tools, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Flash Builder, Flex and others, were used to design and build the apps. Adobe AIR is being used to seamlessly spread the experience across devices and Adobe Pass, the industry’s leading “TV Everywhere” authentication technology, is being used to allow viewers to log in to the apps using their username and password for their current pay-TV subscription. NBC Olympics is also taking advantage of Adobe Auditude and SiteCatalyst to measure and monetize content in both apps.

We believe the Olympics will be a defining moment for digital video and we are proud to play a role. Check out the Adobe Digital Media blog for a video and more information about the apps.



  1. guest

    The apps don’t work on Android tablets (tried both Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Tab 2). Not exactly “seamlessly spreading experience… “

  2. Matt Rozen


    Not all devices are supported at launch. We are adding devices and features as we get closer to the games. Stay tuned for more details.


  3. Jason

    The app’s are getting slated on the Google Play at the moment. Are Adobe still developing them right up to the games? If so, will there be follow up technical blogs regarding the issues encountered and the fixes found?

    I work for a broadcaster in the UK and this sort of insight would help to convince (or deter) the stakeholders of upcoming projects here.

    Can you give any technical insight into why the app isn’t available for the Samsung SII? This is one of the most prevalent of Android phones. Are you concentrating on tablets, or…?

  4. guest

    Ok good to know. Will look out for the updates. This will be the first large-scale test of the viability of AIR for video-streaming apps (multi-platform apps).

    Not to put pressure, but there is a lot riding on the outcome of this …

  5. Kenneth

    Great App, will not install on Galaxy Tab 10.1 or HTC EVO 3D 🙁

  6. Mads Bjerre

    Tried it on my iPhone 4S. The attention to detail in this app is, to put it mildly, disappointing. I really don’t get why more effort hasn’t been put into this app to polish it up and make it a reference case for other AIR apps, since Adobe is clearly putting it up on a pedestal.

    One example: The table scroll views. Press a finger on an item and move it slowly up or down. The highlight rectangle stays fixed while the list scrolls above it.

    Another example: The high number of graphics not optimized for the retina screen. Come on, really?

    Other examples:
    A 2 second splash screen every time the app is launched.

    Under Team USA, try tapping “NEWS”, “VIDEOS”, “PHOTOS” – every tap takes 1-2 seconds to register.

    I also encountered a few bugs while playing with the app: Several times I got the “There was an error loading the video” message. Sometimes this screen gets clipped at the right, hiding the “Exit” button. You’ll have to quit out to the home screen and force quit the app.

    If I press one of the buttons on the start screen as soon as the app launches, I just get a black screen. Force quit necessary again.

    I had really hoped for this app to be a showcase for what can be done with Adobe AIR. I can only guess at the money thrown after this product; I gather it’s not a small amount. Please, Adobe – make a showcase worth showcasing!

  7. Pooja Prasad

    Thanks to everyone for the feedback. We are looking into the issues described, and we’ll be updating the applications with new features and functionality in the time leading up to the games.

  8. John Chidester

    Not very happy the app does not work on my Asus eeepad

  9. Matt Rozen

    This is an app for US users who have a television subscription that allows them to get the NBC network.