Adobe Stories: How InDesign Changed One Life

We’re continuing to receive inspiring Adobe Stories submissions and we have you to thank for that! In the latest installment of our Adobe Stories series, we shed some light on designer Scott Citron (@scottcitron) and his story of how Adobe InDesign changed his life.

Citron was first introduced to Adobe InDesign by a friend in 1999.

“Back around 1999 a friend told me about a new product from Adobe, InDesign 1.0. At the time I mostly dabbled as a designer, while working full time as a television producer and post-production specialist. In those days I was a whiz at PageMaker, and QuarkXPress. I bought InDesign and proceeded to teach myself how to use it. Learning InDesign wasn’t hard because it looked a lot like Illustrator and Photoshop, which I already knew well.

“Before long a friend in the NY publishing scene asked me if I wanted to design a book about a well-known NY Yankee baseball player. By then I had moved to New York from Los Angeles with a failed network TV series and was seriously thinking about quitting Hollywood and trying to be a professional designer. The lure of making my hobby my profession was what I’d always wanted. I took the job.”

Book design created by Scott Citron with Adobe InDesign

“Game Day” book design created by Scott Citron with Adobe InDesign. Image source:

From there, he had the honor of designing the box art for InDesign 2.0, conducting training sessions and much more. Scott reflects on his time working with us:

“Adobe needed help designing some layouts to be used on the back panel of the soon-to-be released InDesign 2.0 package. When asked if I was interested in the job I, of course, agreed to pitch in. Not long after someone from Adobe called me again, asking if I’d be interested in conducting over twenty free-to-the-public InDesign training sessions in the New York and Connecticut areas…. As they say, the rest is history.”

Learn more about Scott and his work by visiting his website and read his full Adobe Story here.

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