Adobe Stories: One-Man Game Studio

One of the greatest things about this future we live in is that with the right technology, just one person can create an impressive app that can be played, shared, bought and sold across the world on all sorts of devices.

Check out Dr. Mikey’s Conveyor game trailer below. Available for Android and PC now. Coming for iOS and other platforms soon. He also wrote an Adobe story about his efforts. “I’m a self employed one person game studio. There is no way I could accomplish this without the Adobe Creative Suite tools.”

Speaking of Adobe Stories – did you know you can write one too? In fact, today is the last day to be eligible for a new tablet. Go. Read. Write. Enter.

Matt Rozen. @mattyroze

Matt is director of brand publishing at Adobe. His team creates content (articles, videos, podcasts and more) for Adobe’s primary editorial site, helping groups across the company tell their product and customer stories in ways that best serve the brand narrative. Previously, Matt led Brand Social Media and he still consults on creative programs and experiences to grow community and affinity.

Matt Rozen. @mattyroze