AYV Lead Educator Training in San Jose

Last week, Lead Educators from 13 countries around the globe gathered at Adobe Headquarters in San Jose, CA for a week of hands-on professional development training. The 27 Educators were split up into groups to explore topics that pose challenges for educators working with youth and media, such as promoting youth leadership and ownership, brainstorming and idea generation, and amplifying youth voice. Group members worked together for 4 days to create a video project addressing their given topic, sharing stories, experiences, and best practices with each other throughout the process. It was an intense week of collaboration workshops with excitement around every corner!

AYV Lead Educator Training 2012

Day One kicked off with dinner, introductions, and an overview of the Lead Educator program and goals. A full day of brainstorming, software training, planning, pre-production, and pitch was laid out on Day Two. It wasn’t until Day Three that teams gathered their equipment and ideas to begin shooting on location, but not before a group of local Lead Educators came in for an inspiring and informative panel discussion.

AYV Lead Educator Training 2012

Knowing that all work and no play can make for an unhappy crowd, the teams were dropped off in beautiful San Francisco later in the afternoon to explore the sights and sounds of the city—for pleasure or for work—the choice was theirs! The night ended with dinner in San Francisco’s Chinatown and a bus ride back to the hotel for some rest before another full day of work ahead.

AYV Lead Educator Training 2012

A Lead Essentials Training followed by post-production and a rough cut review was the focus of Day Four, before heading off to dinner at a local Lead Educator’s home. A big thanks to Gregg Witkin for the hospitality! Finally, the groups screened their final projects on Day Five before saying their farewells. Each group did a phenomenal job on their projects, creating some really inspiring, thought-provoking, and entertaining pieces for their peers. Heart-warming speeches followed and it was evident that the Lead Educators had fun, learned a lot and meaningful connections were established during this training.

To view a slideshow of photos from the week, visit AYV’s Photoshop.com album.

To all the Lead Educators who joined us at the training, the AYV Team would like to say thank you for the inspiration and dedication! We can’t wait to follow your future successes!

Warm wishes and happy teaching and learning,

The Adobe Youth Voices Team


  1. Danielle A. M. Rodrigues

    Very good to know that Brazil is well represented by Elaine! Congratulations to all the project!!

  2. Daniel Gutierrez

    It was an amazing experience and opportunity, to share and learn, with and from all the amazing educators I’ve met.
    I’m so grateful for this opportunity.
    Thank you so much for giving us the chance to meet in person and improve our work.