Worldwide Create the Web Tour Kicks Off with Unveil of Edge Tools and Services

Delivering on its promise to build the best HTML5 tools in the world, Adobe today announced a new collection for web designers and developers called Edge Tools & Services that are immediately available in Adobe Creative Cloud. The new collection is for creating beautiful mobile-ready content and apps using the latest Web technologies including HTML5 and beyond. Comprised of intuitive,task-focused tools and services, the collection works well individually, together and even with other tools! Learn more about today’s announcements on our Digital Media blog.

Adobe will be on the road showcasing them all over the next several weeks during its worldwide “Create the Web” tour.


  1. Jason

    LOVED the Create the Web event yesterday! Any idea when videos of the event might be available? I’d love to share the links with my coworkers, particularly the presentation “Journey Through the Graphical Web”.

  2. Pooja Prasad

    Hi, the next major set of events that we have coming up are the Create Now events, which will definitely include content related to our web tools and solutions. More info here: