Adobe named a Leader in Gartner’s Web Content Management Magic Quadrant

12CaptureWe are living in exciting times when it comes to technology. The pace of change is so incredible that you can almost take it for granted unless you pause, catch a breath and reflect. Over the course of just this past month, I’ve talked to a retailer that realizes it needs to double the amount of business it’s driving through the online channel or rapidly lose relevance and market share. Every bank I talk to is trying to grapple with understanding how to improve the mobile experience to help them attract Gen Ys and keep their existing customer base loyal.

On a personal level, did you ever think the first thing you would wake and end the day with was your mobile phone? Speaking of which, there are more mobile phones in the world than toothbrushes. Scary, I know.

It is in this climate of incredible, mind-blowing transformation that Gartner has released their fourth annual Web Content Management Magic Quadrant report. This year, the Gartner team of MacComascaigh, Gilbert, Tay and Murphy call out in their opening statement that social media, mobile computing and online channel optimization has forever changed how buyers need to think about the three letter acronym, “W”, “C”, “M”.

I am proud Gartner has recognized us as a leader in this space. For all of us who are part of the creation of Adobe CQ, it is another affirmation that the hours, days, weeks, and years invested are delivering value to our customers across our vectors of innovation of mobile, social, cloud and commerce, and, further, that we’re doing so while still ensuring the software remains easy-to-use.  These are the right bets.

Adobe CQ provides a broader customer experience solution, Adobe Web Experience Management, with deep architectural integrations across the products of the Digital Marketing Suite, such as SiteCatalyst [a leader in the Web Analytics Gartner Magic Quadrant].

We’re focused on the challenges of marketing in this age of scarce attention, because we believe driving brand loyalty and customer acquisitions is critical to those responsible for marketing and online commerce.  As digital drives greater transparency and engagement between businesses and customers, in order to effectively build brand and drive demand, marketing has to care about the relevance of the entire customer experience.

To all of our customers who’ve partnered with us on this journey, we thank you for your support and we’ll strive to continue to make sure you have the best solution to build your digital business, one that enhances your real-world presence. Your success is our success.

To those exploring their digital business strategy, we believe we can offer great value to your business. And we’d welcome the opportunity to demonstrate that for you.

To all digital marketers, we see web content management as a central piece in the ability to deliver relevant, personalized experiences that build long-lasting customer relationships. In the end, as a digital marketer myself, I want this to be what digital marketing represents. Digital Marketing needs to build brands people trust and customer experiences that augment and differentiate the value of the core product or service.

Beyond all the ads and demand-generation activities, I also believe marketing can help build lasting value.