The Power of Digital Storytelling

Today, we announced the latest edition of Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 & Adobe Premiere Elements 11, photo and video editing tools, spurring endless possibilities for K-12 educators in how they are teaching today’s tech savvy kids. Whether it’s a simple animation to explain fractions in math or a student-driven documentary to illustrate world issues, Adobe tools help teachers teach and empower students to show off their skills through digital storytelling.

Some of our favorite ways to leverage Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 & Adobe Premiere Elements 11 in the classroom include:

  • Produce extraordinary images with new Adobe Photoshop Elements 11—Students can easily edit, enhance, and find photos; make custom creations; and share images via print, the web, and mobile devices.
  • Produce amazing videos with new Adobe Premiere Elements 11—Students can apply Hollywood directors’ techniques with InstantMovie, which automatically edits together their best clips with coordinated music, titles, and effects. They can use new FilmLooks to apply favorite cinematic styles to their movies.
  • Access teaching resources at the free Adobe Education Exchange—Photoshop Elements 11 & Adobe Premiere Elements 11 is supported by ready-to-use lesson plans, tutorials, tips and tricks, and video lesson examples. It’s all accessible online through the free Adobe Education Exchange.
  • Present professional-caliber podcasts—Teachers and students can export audio and video to the web for rich media podcasts that can be downloaded to personal computers and a variety of mobile devices.
  • Share and present projects via popular online sites—Photoshop Elements 11 & Adobe Premiere Elements 11 and supporting resources include tools that make it easy for teachers and students to quickly share photos and movies on popular sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo.
  • Keep classroom work and projects on track—Using new Organizer views, students can intuitively sort and manage photos and videos based on people, places, and events. An Auto-Analyzer can find their best photos and footage for them.
  • Provide a friendly work environment—Students can organize, edit, create, and share more quickly and easily thanks to big, bold icons; a helpful Action bar; and the ability to choose from Quick, Guided, and Expert editing modes to fit their needs or skill levels.

We are really excited about this release, which features a new-and-improved interface and innovative features that make photo and video editing, organizing and sharing much easier.

Is there an idea you would like to share?  Please send us your thoughts. Meanwhile, check out Adobe TV for free training videos or follow us on Twitter for the latest news.


  1. Louis Solomon

    I’ve been purchasing since vs 2, I have now vs10. I’ve heard that adobe will no longer have as a standalone or bundled photoshop elements and premier after vs. 11. Is this true? It will only be available by subscription.

    Thank you, Louis Solomon

  2. Pooja Prasad

    Hi Louis,

    Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements are sold as standalone/bundled products.

Johann Zimmern - Worldwide Education Manager

Adobe Education