Q3 2012 Global Digital Advertising Update

Our research team has been hard at work studying the digital marketing landscape and we have some news to share. Today, we released our Q3 2012 Global Digital Advertising Update, which highlights current digital advertising trends and provides an outlook on what’s next for the industry. Our report findings show that paid search is on the rise in the United States, the UK and Germany – thanks to the uptick in mobile traffic coming from all those smartphone and tablet device users. We found that Cost per Click (CPC), conversion rates and ROI differ among PCs, tablet devices and smartphones. And of course we couldn’t ignore the growing focus on social advertising, where Facebook is leading the charge. Brand engagement on Facebook is rapidly growing, which has marketers finding ways to better use that channel as a means to reach consumers (and we’re not just talking about scoring more page ‘Likes’).

Some main stats for Q3 2012:

  • U.S. search spend grew by 11 percent Year over Year (YoY) while ROI improved by 26 percent. Additionally, growth rates for search spend in the U.K. and Germany rose 36 percent and 25 percent, respectively.
  • Facebook brand engagement grew nearly 896 percent YoY, leading to continued fan growth. Mobile users account for nearly one quarter of all Facebook engagement (e.g., Likes, comments and shares).
  • Conversion rates vary by mobile operating system, but are important for marketers due to continued growth in mobile search traffic. Comparison of iOS versus Android device traffic reveals nearly twice the monetization advantage for iOS. This shows that optimizing mobile search spend by device can lead to greater ROI for marketers.

We’ve also included our “crystal ball” around some emerging trends we see impacting the digital advertising market through Q1 2013. How will search spend change and what vertical markets will experience the most growth? How will exponential growth around mobile traffic alter campaign management and optimization across channels? Will social continue to be an advertising force to be reckoned with – and what can brands expect from Facebook?

Check out our full report, press release and blog post for all the details and share your thoughts in the comments below!