Shantanu @ Wall Street Journal Viewpoints

Tuesday morning at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco, our CEO Shantanu Narayen did an onstage interview with Alan Murray as part of the Wall Street Journal Viewpoints series.  It was a wide-ranging discussion, from politics and education to the challenges facing publishers and marketers.  Check out the full recording, or watch the short clips about digital marketing and making the U.S. globally competitive.


  1. Ruth Iannazzo

    I cannot tell you how much I despise the new violent Adobe ads played before CNN videos. The new one showing a man hitting another until the 2nd man agrees with the 1st is despicable. All this for “ROI” on an Adobe product? Rethink the violence Adobe. How could you promote violence while claiming to have a corporate social conscience?

  2. sandra

    I too am horrified at these ads and have registered complaints with CNN and called Adobe directly. I am a senior manager for a MAJOR corporation that does business with Adobe and I am taking my complaint directly to our IT team to request we look at taking our business to other providers. There is no excuse for depicting torture and abuse to sell products.