The True Marketing Cloud

There is an exciting transformation happening at Adobe.

We are moving to the cloud with our software, and are in fact building two at the same time. One is a re- imagining of our software for creativity, and the second is creating a new place for marketers to do their work. Part of the magic of these two clouds is how we can connect them, as creative work is an integral part of marketing, and as insights from marketing can drive new creative work. There is no good solution in the world today for this, and we’re very excited to be bringing these worlds together.

Social is a key part of the digital marketing revolution. Enterprise software companies have begun to recognize the importance of this space, and have jumped at the chance to offer social listening solutions. Some are even packaging these solutions into a “marketing cloud”—but the true Marketing Cloud must go far beyond social.

Marketing has evolved over time from a very subjective process to one rooted in data across many channels, and this is driving a revolution in digital marketing. We began betting on the power of this change a few years back, predicting brands would begin dramatically shifting to digital spend versus traditional media, and we began amassing the people and technology needed to pioneer a new method of digital marketing via the cloud. We’ve been making terrific progress on this.

During our last Financial Analyst meeting, I shared our vision for Adobe Marketing Cloud based on major disruptions happening in cloud, mobile and social computing that are continuing to transform Adobe’s Digital Media and Digital Marketing businesses.

In March, I demonstrated a working example of our vision at our Digital Marketing Summit, which really brought to life the way our Digital Media and Digital Marketing worlds can connect. You can see how marketers can analyze campaign data and socialize conversations in real time to update creative assets—all through Adobe Marketing Cloud.

We’ve now invested more than $2 billion in bringing the systems and people together to accomplish this, including acquisitions of Omniture, Day Software, Efficient Frontier, and Auditude. This is an incredible team, and is just the start of our paving the way to today’s true Marketing Cloud.

Adobe Marketing Cloud offers a complete package of analytics, social, advertising, targeting, and web experience management products that bring marketing minds together in a whole new way. It is a coming together of all our work to date on Digital Marketing, and a true breakthrough part of Adobe’s business that brings marketing and creative teams together online to share campaign data, update creative work, and socialize progress within their own teams to enhance personalization and optimization.

This summer’s Olympics was an early example of these two worlds uniting. Not only was Adobe creative software used to design and build the NBC Olympics apps, which offered for the first time, live mobile viewing of over 3,500 hours of Olympic events to more than 10 million viewers, but NBC Olympics also took advantage of Adobe’s Digital Marketing technology to measure and monetize user traffic and engagement in its apps and then optimize the content and app experience based on results. This combination of creativity and marketing powered by technology is enabling a whole new generation of experiences. No other company is better suited to enable this than Adobe.

It’s very exciting for us to be able to connect these two worlds, and we’re still in the early days of the revolution. Stay tuned for more to come.