Breakout Highlights from Summit EMEA 2012

From actionable social media insights to automated personalisation, mobile strategies to digital asset management – we’ve captured the best bits from Summit EMEA 2012’s most popular breakout sessions:

Philips: Own your customers! Creating branded social communities

“Now where did I put that photo?”—La Redoute unclutter digital assets

Hear how Fiat & ABN AMRO turn social media buzz into actionable insights

Automated Personalisation with Barclays Digital attract more high-value customers through display audience targeting

Mobile strategy in a silo? Hear from UBS & SBB on how fixing this is as easy as asking Siri

Laithwaites: Top 10 web and mobile testing strategies (and how to use them)

Paid search campaign optimisation: First Choice maths, models and marketing

Cloud Services – See how E.ON are operating at the ‘Speed of Marketing’