Graphic Designers Now Able to Create Mobile Websites with Adobe Muse

Today’s Creative Cloud announcements include a significant update to Adobe Muse, the software that enables users to create and publish distinctive, professional HTML websites without writing code.

We are excited to announce that graphic designers can now create unique tablet and smartphone versions of their websites using new mobile features in Adobe Muse.

This update is a direct response to customer demands for mobile device support. Mobile-friendly websites are vital for businesses today – IDC estimates that by 2015 more end users will access the Internet through a mobile device than a PC. Because of this, designers and their clients are realizing the need to provide an optimal viewing experience whether sites are viewed on a large monitor while sitting at a desk or on a smaller screen while on-the-go.

New features in Adobe Muse include:

Mobile Layout Options: Select a tablet or smartphone layout in the planning stage, and define the site plan and master pages to create unique layouts for each.

Mobile Content and Style Options: Design the content and style of each experience.

Touch-Enabled Interactivity: Link phone numbers to automatically dial when tapped, email addresses to open an email client with the “To” address already filled in.

Gesture-enabled widgets: Copy and paste Adobe Muse widgets in mobile layouts – site menu navigation, slideshows, page-swipes, and more will work automatically, with the touch of a finger.

Adobe Muse is available in Adobe Creative Cloud or as a single app membership. Designers can choose to publish their websites with Adobe Business Catalyst and take advantage of some hosting that is included with membership, or they can host with a provider of their choice.

For more information:

To download the free 30-day trial:


  1. David a.k.a Webby in the flesh

    im just getting into the technology and internet thing so bare with me. This is the first offical time the adobe team has heard from me. Im living in the transparency world that Muse has created to help customers, but in my world, around my house, and on my lifebook labtop its a CREATIVE CLOUD of miss judgement. Im a beginner thats mentally impaired and hope that my consumer rights, and agreements which have been just as transparent at a time when they need to be integrated the most. Mean as much to Adobe as they do to me. Im new at this whole technical scenes so obviously this conversation should not happen and the product should speak for its self like it always has right! Please get back with me asap through email or have a team member call this number 281-253-9004 for all of the problems and issues can be handled without any other litigation