New Video Series: A Conversation with Sir Ken Robinson

It’s no secret that Adobe thinks creativity needs to be championed so educators can feel increasingly empowered to teach it as a critical competency across all disciplines. We firmly believe creativity is an imperative for students’ success in a global marketplace.

We’ve partnered with Sir Ken Robinson, an internationally recognized author and creativity expert, to develop an exclusive five-part video series outlining his thoughts on the importance and power of creativity in education. Check out the first video where he explores the meaning and natural path of our creative process. We encourage you to watch the entire series as it unfolds over the next few days–share what resonates with you! We hope you find Sir Ken Robinson as inspiring as we do.

Join the conversation with us on Twitter using the #createnow hashtag and be sure to tag us at @adobeedu!


  1. Peter FRench

    And the take-away…. every student deserves the clear and unbridled opportunity to explore and grow their own creativity. Many students in my high school design and animation classes will never become professional designers or animators but they will have grown as creative inidividuals, and that is priceless.