San Jose Semaphore Scavenger Hunt

Pic 1Think you have what it takes to handle a little trivia, go on a digital scavenger hunt, and piece together a puzzle for a chance to win some cool prizes? Well, we’ve got the perfect challenge for you. In honor of National Puzzle Day and our San Jose Semaphore, we’re challenging you to solve our San Jose Semaphore Scavenger Hunt.

First, review the information on our San Jose Semaphore Project website to find the answers to the six questions below. Once you determine those answers (all answers are dates), head to our Facebook Page and search for those dates within our Timeline (see snapshot of Facebook Timeline navigation below) to locate six puzzle pieces.

Pic 2

Once you’ve gathered all six pieces, put them together in the correct order to reveal a secret message. Finally, enter the final answer here for a chance to win US$50 worth of Adobe branded merchandise! For full details, review our Adobe San Jose Semaphore Scavenger Hunt official rules.

Also, be sure to take a pass at our bigger challenge, the San Jose Semaphore contest. Crack the code for a chance to win a one-year Creative Cloud membership! Get all of the details on the “Crack the Code” of our Semaphore website.

Good luck to all and Happy National Puzzle Day!

Six Questions – San Jose Semaphore Scavenger Hunt:

Q: When did the first San Jose Semaphore begin its code transmission?

Q: In what month and year was Ben Rubin chosen as the artist for the San Jose Semaphore?

Q: In what year was the San Jose Arts Commission established by a municipal ordinance?

Q: When was the solution to the first San Jose Semaphore code announced?

Q: When was the most recent San Jose Semaphore code released?

Q: Solve for the month, day and year in the image below utilizing the semaphore code legend here to decipher the date. (Hint: Also the date that Adobe was Founded)

Pic 3