Adobe Partners with Red Bull to Make Art History

Ever wondered what it would feel like to make art history? Well now’s your chance to find out! Today we’re announcing an exciting new collective art project with Red Bull that will give creative talent from across the globe – including everyone from designers and artists, to photographers and publicists – the chance to take part in creating the biggest and most original piece of artwork the world has ever seen. The only ask is that contributors share a common interest – to create something and share it with the world!


Together with Red Bull, we’re inviting budding artists from 85 countries to take part in Red Bull Collective Art, which brings ‘Cadavre Exquís’ into the digital age by layering multiple pieces of art created by different people to make one collective piece. Each contributor has one hour to put their artistic stamp on the final piece of artwork, which will be exhibited in art galleries across the world from May.

To get the creative process started, Red Bull and Adobe have invited dozens of artists from around the world, who have created the first images for the piece of collective art. Among them are some real superstars, including creatives Alberto Seveso, designer and illustrator Brian Yap, adventure illustrator Michael Startzman, art director Ryan Boyle and Adobe’s very own Russell Preston Brown. You can see each of their contributions, as well as those from other participating artists, here.

To take part, anyone interested in contributing can register online from today and will be asked to choose a one-hour timeslot to make their contribution between 11th and 24th March. Anyone who registers can also get a free trial of Adobe Creative Cloud, so they can create their piece of art using the very best industry-standard digital tools and give it a professional edge. They then simply download the template and use any style from photo imagery, to painting, to graphic art, to work on the image. Once complete, this is then uploaded and added to the entire artwork, with exhibitions of the final collective artwork taking place in cities across the globe from 13th May.

So what are you waiting for? Become part of art history today by registering here. You can also follow the social journey using #CreateNow and #RedBullCollectiveArt.