Keynote Speaker: John Battelle

John Battelle Making the transition from the world of traditional journalism to today’s digital one is a challenge for many, but not for John Battelle. As a founder of Wired Magazine, The Industry Standard, The Web 2 Conferences, and most recently Federated Media Publishing, Battelle has succeeded at being an writer, thought leader and an innovative entrepreneur.

And this March he will be joining us at Adobe Summit to share his story and thoughts on our digital world. For anyone interested in where the digital world is heading, John’s session will be a must-see.

John will be on stage in Salt Lake City in less than a month! Will we see you there too?

Rachel Luxemburg

Rachel Luxemburg (Principal Strategist, Social Media), is a social strategist supporting the Digital Media business unit at Adobe. She holds a BA from Vassar College and an MBA from the University of San Francisco. You can find her on Twitter @rlux.

Rachel Luxemburg