Be Green: It’s “Earth Month”

DSC02824Every year, I look forward to Earth Day. It’s an opportunity to assess how well we’re performing as responsible stewards of the environment, and reflect upon what more we can do. At Adobe, we pride ourselves on being recognized as a leader in sustainability and prioritize reducing our environmental footprint through our everyday operations.

This year, Adobe is celebrating “Be Green” month throughout April. In our offices worldwide, local Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Action Teams have hosted events and activities ranging from food waste reduction campaigns and paper waste reduction competitions to river and park cleanups, bicycle workshops and more. Below is just a snapshot of what our employees are doing around the globe:

  • Bangalore – Employees are restoring Puttenhalli lake by painting each of the 23 rectangular dust bins that surround the lake and planting shrubs and flowers at the entrance.
  • Boston – Employees started a “donate a mug from home” drive, reducing the use of paper coffee cups.
  • London – The team organized a bake-off to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)’s Sky Rainforest Rescue Project.
  • New York – Employees volunteered for “NY Cares Day” at the Fresh Creek Nature Preserve in Brooklyn, an area hard hit by Hurricane Sandy.
  • San Jose, Calif. – San Jose employees will remove trash from the local San Jose Guadalupe River, which supports local fish and birds.
  • Seattle – Adobe Seattle’s on-site bicycling community is hosting a bicycling expo event and encouraging employees to sign up for a “Bike to Work Challenge” during the month of May.

It’s inspiring to see Adobe employees’ passion and dedication to contributing to a healthy, sustainable environment in their local communities. For more information about Adobe’s CSR initiatives, visit our CSR page.