Red Bull Collective Art project at MAX


Logo RB Collective Art_finalRed Bull Collective Art takes the principle of “Cadavre exquís” and brings it into the digital age. For a period of three weeks, the Red Bull Collective Art project allowed contributors from across the world to take turns and participate in creative process, the end product being an unparalleled piece of art on an international scale. Through this project, Red Bull in partnership with Adobe offered global talent the chance to take part in the creation of what ended up as the biggest (longest) and most diverse artwork in the world.

Over 1.500 contributed pictures resulting in a 1,3 km long connected picture, translates not only into the longest digital art creation in the world, but also highlights the massive opportunities created by collaboration of consumers and artists around the world. The exhibition phase kicks off on May 6th with a digital exhibition at the Adobe MAX Creativity Conference in Los Angeles, US. MAX participants will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in a creative challenge that will create the final Collective Art connection pieces. After MAX many more galleries in more than 30 countries around the world will follow. The online gallery, exhibition cities and dates, and the profiles of the participating guest artists are available on

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Sandy Balzer

After spending 15 years at Adobe - the last four of those managing Adobe MAX, I moved on to focus on personal projects including writing, editing and personal assistant to a demanding Shar Pei. It's been a pleasure to sit in for Elissa Scott, MAX Marketing Lead while she is on leave.