From India to California for AYV Summit

Suresh RangaswamyAfter traveling 8,500 miles from my home in Bangalore, India, I am so excited to be here at the Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) Summit in Santa Clara, California! I’m 18 years old and in 12th grade studying science at Christel House India Pre-University College, where I’ve been involved in the AYV program for five years.

My favorite AYV project that I’ve created is a music video, titled “JYOTHIRGAMAYA,” which shows the importance of education for youth in my community. In our society, many children either don’t go to school or can’t go because they’re forced to get a job to help support their family. I wanted to show people the importance of education and the role it plays to help build a secure future and a better nation, both on a personal and national level.

While at AYV Summit, I’m looking forward to getting to know other kids who are also trying to make a difference in their communities through digital arts. On my first day here, we spent a lot of time sharing our experiences and comparing our digital skills. Throughout the week, I’ll be working with my new friends from Uganda, Jordan, Boston and the Bay Area as part of my production group. Before Summit started, we began brainstorming ideas for our projects by communicating through Facebook, and since arriving here we’ve been hard at work to make our ideas come to life and will be presenting them at the AYV Live! celebration on Friday.

Since we had such a diverse mix of young people in our production group, we decided to make a video about what unifies young people across cultures. I can’t wait to finish the video and show it to everyone on Friday!


The projects from AYV Live! will be featured on the AYV website, Facebook and Twitter – keep an eye out for them!