No more Email CPM? Yes! We’re accelerating cross-channel marketing

No More Email CPM

If you’re a direct or digital marketer, you’re probably no stranger to email marketing. You’re also probably very much aware of the costs associated with using email to reach your customers. Email marketing firms have long relied on email CPM (cost per thousand emails sent) to price the value of their services to the marketing organization. And in a push-based world where one size fits all, CPM did its job. It was simple and based on a critical, and often times flawed assumption: that email volume was directly proportional to effectiveness.

We’ve realized that up until now marketers have been held hostage by email CPM. They are in effect paying to talk to their own customers. After all, CPM is the main cost driver for this industry, and at a time when single channel, push-based marketing was the norm, email CPM worked just fine. But increasingly, it is an anachronism in a world that is rapidly headed towards cross-channel orchestration. I started writing about cross-channel marketing back in 2009 when I led the Customer Intelligence practice at Forrester Research. It’s now been more than four years, and marketers still have way too many hurdles in delivering a truly consistent cross-channel experience. We want to remove the roadblocks and help marketers get there faster.

Today, Adobe announced a new approach that will help marketers embrace cross-channel marketing once and for all. Starting in January, we are changing the way brands will be charged for communicating with their customers. We will no longer rely on email CPM or for that matter any channel messaging costs. Instead of CPM, we will charge based on the customer profiles that marketers have in their database.

No longer will marketers have to worry about email volumes, and associated overages, and penalties related with marketing communications. We want marketers to do whatever is right by their customers. If this means sending them more email then they should be able to do that. But if this means reducing email and amping up mobile and social messages, well that’s fine too. We want marketers to use all the channels at their disposal to deliver compelling, personalized marketing messages, offers, and experiences.

Customer profiles provide invaluable information on end-consumers, including their preferences, behaviors, attitudes, and value. This new approach allows marketers to not only look at whether email is the right vehicle to reach their customers, but to try new channels (social, mobile, etc.) and scale marketing efforts to do what is right for their customers and the business. This is about freedom and flexibility. Essentially, by evaluating multiple channels marketers can pick and choose the mix that best serves their customers and their business objectives.

Only Adobe Campaign offers this flexibility. As a world-class, cross-channel campaign management solution, Adobe Campaign enables marketers to harnesses the intelligence of an integrated customer profile to build meaningful relationships with their customers, deliver relevant offers and messages, and orchestrate great experiences. And Adobe Campaign is the only solution that lets you scale email, direct mail, social, and mobile communications without worrying about your Cost Per Message.

Want to learn more? Please turn to our press release with additional information.