Are you part of the 82% without formal training?


Given how quickly marketing is changing, the stat above, when we shared our Digital Distress study, didn’t faze us marketers. I’ll even go on record to say “yes, I’m a part of the 82%.” It’s not something we should either feel bad about or be proud of – it’s simply the state of the industry. However, the lack of formal training doesn’t need to be an accepted norm, especially as digital marketing matures. Or perhaps the better way to put it is that there is method to the digital marketing madness. It’s not all trial and error. We can learn how to do it better.

There are a number of sessions, not to mention hands-on labs, in our Summit agenda, for every digital marketer. Here are a few highlights:

Marketing Analytics

Cross-channel Campaign Management

Web Experience Management

 Digital Advertising

Targeting & Optimization

Social Marketing

And don’t forget, we have deep-dive training for Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. Check out our preconference training sessions.