Creativity In and Out of the Classroom with Adobe Youth Voices

We believe that everyone has the power to create change – including (and especially) our youth. What everyone does not have, however, are the resources they need to bring their ideas to life.

At Adobe Youth Voices (AYV), we want to change that. We want to ignite creative confidence in youth by giving them the tools they need to create compelling visual stories that move people to take action in their communities. In our evolving world of media, the use of graphics, photographs and films is pervasive. AYV youth are learning the skills they need to solve for the issues they face in their communities today and eventually in the workplace as well.

2013 AYV Awards winning graphics

2013 AYV Awards winning graphics

Helping these students and seeing them grow is what inspires me to come to work every day. Amanda Tomchick fromSeattle, WA believes that the program changed her life. Alumni Zach James is now an intern with Butchershop Pro in San Francisco after working with their team at AYV Summit last year. And Kasiem Aboti Walters says that he now has the confidence he needs to perform his art in front of others.

This is exactly the type of news I love to hear, but they represent just 3 of the 33,500 students that participated in 2013. And it doesn’t stop there – more youth are submitting photo essays, music videos, and other forms of visual storytelling this year as part of the AYV Awards. Their work is amazing – take a look at some of it here and learn how to get involved.

AYV educator Claire Beach says it best in the video below: “These projects change the way [students] think about media and empower them to be better global citizens. I’m able to help youth tell visual stories about how they would solve real-world issues and prepare them for their creative future.”

We’re so inspired by what these students have already accomplished and can’t wait to see what they come up with this year. To the Amandas, Zachs, and Kasiems of the world – keep at it. We’re behind you all the way.