Into the Wild

AdobeCCThe shift to the Creative Cloud means we’ve opened up the possibilities for innovation, iteration and imagination when it comes to the development of our flagship products.

The Creative Cloud also affords us the opportunity to publicly explore new avenues for creativity. We’re exposing raw ideas and concepts early on in the process and developing new apps that allow more people than ever before to realize their creative vision.

We’ve got teams that are acting as incubators for these kinds of explorations. We’re openly releasing apps into the wild to test and learn. In fact, our team is now actively researching video on mobile devices – aka The Hammersmith Project. If you’ve got an iPhone or an iPad and you’re looking for a fast, fun and simple way to put together great looking videos, they want to connect with you to potentially be a part of an early-preview program.

Some of you may have already stumbled upon one of our explorations – The Ginger Project. It raised some eyebrows about what we could possibly be up to with an unbranded website and an early-preview program. That project is still under development and began as a simple test to see if we could help address the challenge of story – how do you communicate a message with impact?

The Creative Cloud has enabled more innovation – both inside and outside these walls. We’re enjoying coming up with imaginative ideas and collaboratively developing solutions with people who just want to be creative. You will see many more tests from Adobe. Stay tuned…