Marketers Reinvented: Just Ask #SummitQA

As the front page of our Adobe Summit site says so clearly and simply:


As we’ve seen from recent research, marketers like us know that marketing has changed more in the last two years than the previous 50. We know that digital is difficult to do — only 29% of us believe we are doing it well. Yet, 2/3 of marketers feel that digital is critical to their company’s success and only 9% feel they know their efforts are working.

The time is ripe for reinvention. The question is: how?

Whenever we start a new project, a new job, a new anything – we always have questions, and most of us want advice from the folks who have done it before. This is the backdrop of our “Just Ask #SummitQA”. There will be 5,000 marketers in Salt Lake and millions more online. Summit 2014 is that great opportunity to network with others and start a dialogue about how to reinvent yourself in today’s digital marketing world. Let’s start the conversation now, continue it in person at Summit and expand it digitally.

How does it work?
Just tweet your burning marketing questions using #SummitQA hashtag. Subject matter experts will be listening and engaging back – including our executives such as CMO Ann Lewnes and SVP Brad Rencher. We wouldn’t surprised if you hear from some of our keynote speakers too!

Compelled to chime in and answer questions? Please do! This isn’t a one-way conversation — so start tweeting it up.