Social Media Session Highlights

Social Marketing Sessions at Summit

Social media strategists and practitioners – hear directly from the social networks themselves on how to best take advantage of social ads. Learn best practices directly from Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare at Summit. Here are a few highlights:

Generating positive revenue results through social advertising and Twitter

Social advertising is poised to be an $11 billion channel by 2016, and social marketers are being asked to quantify the results of their programs. But how is it being defined? Is social advertising really that different from display or other paid media? Should it be? And then how should advertisers view its contribution to success? With rich context and sentiment targeting, along with streamlined network offerings aligned with attribution, optimization strategies, and deeper analytics, how are revenue-positive results gained? Hear directly from Twitter about its unique advantages in advertising that harness the vast social context for real business results.

Mobilizing trends in social advertising: Driving performance with social ads

Social advertising, in the broader context of other marketing investments, will be table-stakes for performance advertisers looking to harness the footprint and contextual relevance that social network and social data can provide. While we know that social advertising works best in concert with other media, we also know that many nuances and contextual insights for optimizing content and performance are unique to the channel.

Location is the new cookie: Utilizing Foursquare for real-time marketing

Just last year, doubters questioned Foursquare’s ability to turn its popularity into a viable business. But forget that. With more than 40 million users worldwide, 55 million venues in their database, and 4.5 billion data-rich check-ins, Foursquare is now sitting on a vast trove of valuable data that everyone, from big tech companies to merchants and advertisers, wants to utilize. Learn how your business can use this data to target and engage the right customers at the right time in real time.

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