Dr David Cox from Headspace Speaking at Adobe Summit

Headspace, the meditation experts, are on a mission. That mission is to get as many people in the world to practice meditation for 10 minutes a day, to help us experience a healthier a happier mind.

We caught up with Dr David Cox, chief medical officer at Headspace to explain a little more about this mission, how digital marketers can embrace meditation and what he will be talking about at Adobe Summit in London, 14-15 May, when he takes to center stage.

How did you first discover mindfulness?

I’d been interested in meditation for years, but never managed to find a style of learning that worked for me. Headspace was featured in a magazine article about mindfulness, and I downloaded the app. From the first session I knew I’d found something I could incorporate into my life. The excuse “I don’t have the time” didn’t apply!



And how might it help those working in digital marketing specifically?

Mindfulness is incredible in its broad applicability. In essence it teaches greater awareness, of yourself and of others. Huge benefits follow, both in terms of health – less stress, depression, anxiety, bad habits, and so on – and also in terms of relationships and performance – greater focus, attention, empathy, creativity. I find it hard to imagine how anybody in digital marketing wouldn’t find a benefit from more focus, empathy and creativity!

Do you see any similarities between the digital landscape and mindful meditation?

Interestingly we’re starting to see an increasing number of tech companies (including Google) introducing mindfulness training into the workplace. I think this is due to companies becoming more aware of the need to look after the wellbeing of their workers. The benefits of mindfulness training are embedded in science, with over 2000 studies conducted to date.

What are you most looking forward to at Adobe Summit?

I’m really looking forward to hearing the breadth of perspectives from key innovative thinkers!

Can you give us a little teaser into what you will be exploring in your Summit talk?

People have a lot of preconceptions about what mindfulness meditation is and what it entails. I’m hoping to show people how straight-forward mindfulness is, and how by putting aside as little as 10 minutes a day to practise it can help you lead a healthier and happier life.

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