My First Step

Oredola Kayode is an AYV Scholarships recipient from Lagos, Nigeria. She participated in AYV at Media Concern Initiative, Oredola is currently studying Psychology at Covenant University in Ota, Nigeria.

Kayode_1st post_photoHi everyone,

I’m Oredola Praise Kayode. Wow! This is my first blog post. This is my first year in the university, and I must say it’s not really as easy as it sounds.

I remember when I resumed, it was a really different train ride. Registration at school was the toughest thing ever and went on for three days. I had to stop in between to attend the Adobe Summit in California and upon return, concluded registration for another week.

Waking up for early morning classes is another task, but I thank God for my roommates. It’s taking getting used to school norms like compulsory corporate dressing, lights out, signing of roll call and compulsory attendance of chapel services. The difference in the social life is a story for some other post, trust me, I just didn’t get it. By the way, I attend a Christian university.

Proudly, I have to say I’m studying psychology. Though we are still in the introductory part of the course, I love it. Currently taking 12 courses which include my program and general courses and I love all my lecturers, but if I were to choose who inspires me the most, I would have to say Dr. Adejumo, who teaches Statistics. He is the most intelligent, unpredictable, ironical, amusing and mind blowing personality I have ever met. He not only inspires me, he challenges me. He constantly reminds me how practical psychology and statistics are and challenges me to open up my mind for learning. Whenever I see or listen to him, he reminds me that I have so much to learn.

School schedule is hectic but I like the fact that it allows me personal time to brood and develop my creativity. I have written over five poems just in the course of the semester and am also a member of a dance group. I have also been learning a lot from some video producers and photographers and realized that most people use Adobe software like C6, for editing and finishing most of their productions. This exposure got me thinking on a particular project I would like to produce, although for now, I don’t know if I should focus on the challenges that freshmen face in the university or focus on creating a kind of dance video, or pick any of my poems and do a media piece on it. Maybe, you all can help me decide; please leave a comment if you have any suggestion.

To be honest, if planning or getting ready to go to the university or further education in any way, getting priorities right and knowing what you want is vital as so many things can distract anybody who doesn’t have set priorities, discipline and diligence. Let your unique creativity show and never be afraid to face your fears or show what you got, no matter how scared you feel.