Justin (JC) Coghlan from Movember Speaking At Adobe Summit

4 million ‘Mo Bros’ and ‘Mo Sistas’ across 21 countries have raised £345 million for prostate and testicular cancer. The impact this has had on men’s health is everlasting. The organisation behind this global movement is Movember, who have been changing the face of men’s health since 2003.

Justin (JC) Coghlan, co-founder of Movember, will be talking to center stage at Adobe Summit in London next week (14-15 May) to discuss how they keep the conversation about men’s health alive. We caught up with JC ahead of Summit to find out a bit more….


Can you tell us a bit more about your day-to-day activities for Movember?

I oversee our Movember operations out of the London HQ that run our campaigns across mainland Europe, Ireland, UK, South Africa. I also manage our global events and partnership teams and sit on our Marketing Committee that oversees our global campaign direction and the continued growth of the brand.

1000heads_Adobe_JC_TwitterWhat key digital marketing trend do you see making it big by the end of 2014?

Wearable technology is the obvious new direction coming out of 2014. We know that continued improvement and development is launching around sports bands, google with glass on the scene, to whole ranges of new wearable tech launching.

2014 and beyond is really all about taking things to the next level with wearable tech.

Health and wellness should play an exciting role here. Technology launching that can monitor everything, through wearable and mobile devices, will change the game; from contact lenses that change colour when your blood sugar is low or something like Wello, which monitors all your vitals.

Wearable devices could ultimately track all your data and upload to your doctor, so your body function over a period of time is tracked, not just a snapshot of how you are on the day, which would play a key role in preventable health.

Can you give us a little teaser of what you will be exploring in your Summit keynote?

Keeping it clean, simple and fun with a global audience each season that generates billions of conversations about Movember and Men’s Health.

What campaigns have inspired you the most recently?

Campaigns that know their audience and use technology in a creative way to capture and engage, such as:

  • Kontor Records Back to Vinyl office turntable and use of innovative apps.
  • Pepsi Max’s Unbelievable Bus Shelter is really nice use of media; a good idea brought to life by new technological capabilities.
  • Save the Children’s Most Shocking Second a Day campaign. Simple ad idea with 30 million views. A classic twist and emotional bit of film and brought to life through a production technique that borrows from what people are already doing online, tracking themselves over time with ‘a second a day’ of filming.

If you were given complete freedom, both creatively and financially, what would you do next?

Change the world of health, empower everyone with knowing their personal historical health data, critical health numbers and footprint, for them as an individual. Getting this right in preventive health will change the world.


For those attending Adobe Summit next week we look forward to seeing you there and should you want to grow your Mo, we’ll be sure to give you a shout out!

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