What’s New in Adobe Media Optimizer

Today, we announced a major update to Adobe Media Optimizer at Adobe Summit EMEA – The Digital Marketing Conference. The latest innovations set AMO apart as the leading digital ad management and optimization solution in the industry. The new Adobe Media Optimizer (AMO) forecasts profitable ad opportunities, and helps customers act upon them in real-time.

The themes covering these enhancements are:

  • Enhanced performance visualization
  • Advanced modeling capabilities
  • Simplified campaign optimization
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud integration

Let’s dig into each of these topics and show you what’s new.

Enhanced performance visualization

For both the marketing leader and the manager, quickly understanding how campaigns are performing is critical. AMO’s new homepage and main page for Portfolios allows teams to dive into the most important campaign details across channels and adjust as needed to deliver greater performance.

AMO Homepage Updates

1. The highly visual and flexible homepage can be customized based on your preferences.

2. Define the number of modules, columns and size to display the most important information.

3. Pick any chart type to highlight the desired information, as you like.

AMO Homepage[3]

Performance Homepage Updates

1. Quickly identify performance of all or specific portfolios within your campaigns.

2. Select a rich Portfolio Spotlight page, Simulation, Model Accuracy report or easily select several portfolios to see a Spend Recommendation.

Blog- Portfolios

Advanced Modeling Capabilities

Revolutionize ad success through enhanced, yet simplified, management and optimization.

Optimization Algorithm Update

The engine behind AMO has always been the portfolio modeling system. Our team of scientists is always tinkering with new ideas to increase ad performance. The integration with Adobe Analytics has had a substantial impact on performance for customers. In fact, harnessing the latest engagement data (LED), pulled directly, in real-time from Analytics allowed our scientists to discover a patent-pending model update that is driving an average additional ROI lift of 16% for customers.

By pulling in upstream engagement data and looking at terms with little to no conversion data, we have been able to discover optimize terms that did not produce revenue. Our updated algorithm leverages this engagement data for any customer using both Analytics and AMO.

Simplified campaign optimization

Once you identify focus areas it should be simple to get down to managing performance. With our streamlined workflow, it’s easy to move between the most important screens to determine your best options with our Simulation or Spend Recommendation tools and then understand your confidence level to make adjustments with our Model Accuracy Reports. Then it’s just one click to implement the proposed media mix.



Model Accuracy

AMO Model Accuracy



Spend Recommendation

Blog - Spend Recs

Adobe Marketing Cloud Integration

The power of Adobe Marketing Cloud comes through for AMO in a few key areas:

1. Single sign on – easy to access any Adobe solution you might be using from a single interface.

2. Unified workflows make it simple to navigate and work within any of the solutions.

3. Collaboration is streamlined through Adobe Marketing Cloud via sharing notifications.

4. Integration with Adobe Analytics and Audience Management.

Blog - Analytics_AMO Workflow

Retail optimization

Feed management is the heart of any retailer’s marketing campaign. Today, retailers need to have a separate agreement for feed management as well as a campaign management. This situation causes reporting discrepancies and typically involves double payments.

Adobe now offers our retail customers the ability to have both feed and campaign management included in a single contract and price. This streamlines the contract process, removes any reporting or payment discrepancies and allows our customers to create Search, product listing ad (PLA) and Display ads from a single feed.

We’re excited about the latest innovations in AMO and continuing to provide our customers with the best digital ad platform to optimize their cross-channel campaigns and boost their bottom line. Stay tuned for more updates around AMO on the blog and follow us on Twitter (@AdobeAds).