Congratulations to the 2014 AYV Scholarship Recipients

The 2014 AYV Scholarship results are in! Out of 118 applications from around the world, these 25 talented students have been chosen based on their academic achievements, creative work, leadership, and more. They will each receive a scholarship to support their post-secondary education and career goals. From telling the dramatic and intensely personal story of how to cope when your family comes apart, to creating an unconventional video on bullying that commands attention, to demonstrating humanity’s environmental impact through stunning photography, these youth are passionate about having a positive impact on their families and in their communities through media.

We applaud these students from around the world who demonstrate extraordinary potential and hope that this scholarship paves the way for them to continue to create change in their future studies and careers.

We asked a few of the students to tell us why their work is important to them. Here’s what they had to say

Julia_croppedJulia Tang, Canada

”As long as I am able to create change and impact someone’s life for the better through my creative storytelling, I will consider my job done.” Manthan_resized




Manthan Charles, India “Creativity in photography can change our mindset and can move our thinking to a different way. By supporting the power of photography we can tell the realistic story to the audience. We can motivate society to make positive change.”


We’re proud to share the stories of these remarkable youth and help them to continue their education. We urge you to take notice of their work not only because they are the next generation of creative thinkers, but because they have the vision to change the world.


Biana Mitchell-Reyes of Canada shares her excitement with two thumbs up.

Ackeem Durrant celebrates with his AYV Educator  Amy Schumacher as he receives his scholarship.

Ackeem Durrant celebrates with his AYV Educator
Amy Schumacher as he receives his scholarship.

Congratulations to the AYV 2014 Scholarship Recipients:

  • Manthan Charles, India
  • Ackeem Durrant, UK
  • Heba Elshatoury, Egypt
  • Sebastian Farias, UK
  • Venessa Fuentes, USA
  • Jennifer Galeana-Vasquez, USA
  • Celine Gil, USA
  • Ashley Hiatt, USA
  • Moinuddin I, India
  • Salwa Majoka, Canada
  • Biana Mitchell-Reyes, Canada
  • Zabihullah Mohammad Hassan, Canada
  • Kenia Najar Miranda, USA
  • Dhenzel Obeng, Canada
  • Joanna Okey-Ogunjiofor, Nigeria
  • Conor Paul, UK
  • Suresh R, India
  • Dantorie Reeves, USA
  • Alexandra Runceanu, Romania
  • Evellyn Lima dos Santos, Brazil
  • Kate Sexton, Ireland
  • Ahmad Suleiman, USA
  • Julia Tang, Canada
  • Maria Antonette Tayag, USA
  • Alyson Yee, USA

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Patricia Cogley is senior program manager, Adobe Youth Voices. Scholars_PicStitch