Adobe Takes On Its Own Disruption

Adobe is about to release a few app explorations — very simple creative tools — that we’re putting together in the research labs here.

The idea around these new Adobe Labs initiatives was to embed a small crew of entrepreneurs into our research labs, treat them like a start-up, and let them develop prototypes for products and explore new markets. More importantly, these products are an effort to probe different paths for disruptive innovation for the next generation of creative products at Adobe and take them to a wider audience.

For years Adobe researchers have been inventing the advanced features that professionals enjoy in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, and other media tools, producing an unbelievable array of cool technology. Having access to all these Adobe inventions is thrilling: it’s like opening a door to a hidden room and finding treasure sitting there. Our goal is to mess with the status quo, taking a lean software development approach and to release apps quickly, before the company would traditionally push something out. I love that we get to do this.

Starting this week, we are sharing a few iOS experiments as part of our research efforts. The first two — Twixt and Fixel — are explorations around improving photos on the iPhone and tap advanced technology and algorithms that creative pros have had access to in Photoshop, but that many people have never seen.

Give these new Adobe Labs apps a try. I hope you have as much fun with them as we do. We’ve got half a dozen more that we will be releasing and exploring intermittently over coming months — all very different from each other. We’ve just scratched the surface.

Michael Rubin is a senior innovator on the Adobe Labs team.