AYV Award Poster Campaign Winners on Equality

Through Adobe Youth Voices, students age 13-19 are using creativity and digital media to create awareness for some of society’s most pressing issues, including bullying, human trafficking, and equality. Read on to learn how each AYV Awards Poster Campaign winner is using graphic design to send a powerful message and look back at the students behind the Documentary videos here.

AYVAwards_Poster_Diversity1st Prize: Love the Diversity

As a Japanese immigrant who learned English as a second language in elementary school, she knows firsthand how lonely it can feel to be thought of as “different.” Her poster, Love the Diversity, celebrates people from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities and has already been disseminated broadly throughout her high school.

While Sayoko Ariga’s original intention was to provide a safe environment for LGBTQ students and employees at her school, her ultimate goal is for all people to love and accept others. She hopes that her poster will inspire others to create artwork representing equality and acceptance and thatit will encourage others to think about this issue more seriously.

AYVAwards_Poster_Stress2nd Prize: Held Back By Stress

According to USA Today, more than 27% of teens say they experience extreme stress during the school year, resulting in lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and poor eating habits. Experts are worried that teens are potentially setting themselves up for a future of chronic stress and illness as a result.

Max Stevens knows how stress can affect someone’s life and general outlook. He designed this poster campaign this year to communicate that stress is a serious issue and shouldn’t be taken lightly. More importantly, he says, it’s essential to stay positive, take a step back and breathe.


AYVAwards_Poster_CreativeAudience Award Winner: Be Creative

Creativity does not begin and end with artwork. 19 year-old electrical engineering student, Abdullah Al-Dahshan encourages everyone to follow their own creative path in order to think differently discover innovative solutions to problems.

Patricia Cogley is senior program manager of Adobe Youth Voices.