Get Out There and #CreateNow

There’s inspiration everywhere, but we tend to miss it in the chaos and speed of our daily lives. So, we set out to create Random Acts of Creativity around the world, partnering with artists to generate moments in public that get people to stop in their tracks.

Artists have done a handful of Random Acts but this was just the kick off – there’s so much more we can do, and we can’t do it alone. To make a real impact, we need your ideas. And maybe with a little help from us, we can work together to make them happen.

Share your Random Acts of Creativity ideas with us. Leave logistics, such as funding needs, off the table for now. What would you beautify in this world? Where would you do it? No idea is too big or too small. Tell us your concepts and we may surprise you with creativity starter kits to get you going. We may also help sponsor a random act that you’d like to see come to life in your local communities.

It’s easy to get started. Simply share your ideas using #CreateNow on your social network of choice – i.e., tweet us your idea, share an Instagram of your inspiration, etc. – by Friday, August 1.

Already doing a Random act of Creativity? Tag your project on Behance with ‘createnow.’ We’re curating a Collection of the Random Acts and want to include yours.


  1. jennifer kosharek

    Once a month for the past five years–I have left art in St. Petersburg, FL. I make original, small pieces and leave them in places where random strangers will find them. Sometimes I include positive phrases on the art. I have had excellent feedback with people telling me I made their day better–this is in St. Petersburg, FL . There is a board in Calgary, AB, Canada where people can leave art or art related flyers, etc. I have left many pieces of art there and have also gotten good feedback. It’s amazing what a free piece of art can do for a person. People feel like they can’t afford to buy original art. And I know I can barely afford to make it. The world needs more free art. I think this also includes public art. I am also a street artist. The spray paint alone can be quite pricey. It would be nice to get funded to paint another wall. I don’t have outrageous ideas… but I do know that my ideas and actions have already changed lives. Free art changes lives.

  2. Karen Do

    Wow. You’re really creating it forward here, passing on great inspiration. This is just music to our ears and the kind of creativity we want to support. Is the email address you included the best way to get in touch off thread to exchange more?

  3. Giovanni

    For a year I have been working on an idea to help give my local communities some kind of outlet, a voice. I live in Portland, OR where theres a clear line of separation from social stigma about the areas that make up the city. I take the lost and found posters I find in different neighborhoods and change them around and repost them. Instead of a lost cat or mouse, I put type or pictures that represent ideas that surround the problems of that community or neighborhood, just to get people talking about whats already on their minds. I want to somehow put a number on the posters that people in the communities can call and leave their feedback and start making a dialogue of sound that can then be made into an exhibit with a map that outlines all the areas of the city – like an interactive wall of the whole city . I know it sounds crazy but I think it would help give people – real people from each part of town a voice and hear others young old sick happy and crazy as me.

  4. Kimberly Guccione

    I would like to print a series of small 3D Cat Mummy sculptures for placement in libraries located in Pasadena California area. These would be hollow with a door opening in which I would place a scroll with art related to feline worship.

  5. Gama Láser

    I will use # Twitter to share CreateNow in pure creativity.
    We must begin to change things and generate new ideas.

  6. Karen Do

    Love the support for creativity. New ideas are definitely needed and something we should be empowering everyone to come up with and share. Thanks for helping spread the word.