The golden era of the Adobe Originals type design program

As the Adobe Typekit team announced in May, 2014 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Adobe Originals type design program. In celebration of this milestone, the Typekit crew has been exploring the history of type design at Adobe and showcasing many of the talented designers and visionaries that have been involved in the program over the past quarter-century. The team is about halfway through the Adobe Originals Silver Anniversary blog series, authored by Tamye Riggs, a longtime lover of type and the people who make it. Check out how the Originals program began, and how the type group helped Adobe co-founders John Warnock and Charles “Chuck” Geschke change the world of publishing forever.

No 1: A typographic revolution begins Explore the early days of digital typography, but first, take a step back in time to the days of molten wax, razor-sharp X -acto blades, and toxic phototypesetting chemicals. Who knew publishing could be such a hazardous endeavor?

No. 2: Sumner Stone paves the way for a renaissance in type design Witness the birth of the Adobe Originals program from the perspective of the rock stars of the original Adobe type team—Sumner Stone, Robert Slimbach, Carol Twombly, and Fred Brady.

No. 3: Stone, Slimbach, and Twombly launch the first Originals Discover the first game-changing typefaces developed under the Adobe Originals program and find out how the illustrious Adobe Type Advisory Board helped further Adobe’s reputation as a creative, quality-driven organization and a serious contender in the realm of type design.

No. 4: The Originals team kicks into high gear Learn all about the rapid growth of the Originals library, driven by excitement and the early prolific output of type designers Carol Twombly and Robert Slimbach and their colleagues. Take a fascinating journey with Sumner Stone as he embarks on his first outreach efforts in Japan.

No. 5: Expanding the Originals Discover what it was like for the team after Sumner Stone left Adobe Type, and how Robert Slimbach and Carol Twombly took the reins to drive the Originals program to new creative heights. Keep up with the rest of the series via RSS by bookmarking this series.