99U at Adobe MAX

99U - Insights on Making Ideas Happen

New to MAX this year is a 99U track focused on best practices to bring ideas to life and ways to manage your time and energy to maximize creativity. There’s a great line up of class discussions that inspire ways you can build a killer creative career and be a leader who can inspire your team. Here’s a quick look at select sessions, with more in our Session Catalog.

A Typeface is an Alphabet in a Straitjacket | Speaker: Craig Ward
A picture may paint a thousand words, but with a thousand words, who needs pictures? So argues Craig Ward, the Brooklyn-based typographer, art director, occasional artist, and author of the best-selling book “Popular Lies About Graphic Design.”

How to Tap into Your Creative Voice and Make Work That Matters | Speaker: James Victore
How do you create amazing work that has meaning for your audience? Conventional wisdom (aka “the man”) says you should pander to the masses. But true creatives know different: It’s actually all about tapping into your unique voice — digging into your passions, your fears, and your talents to express your singular experience of the world.

Retail for Designers: How to Take Your Product to Market | Speaker: Rena Tom
So you have a great idea for the next Cards Against Humanity or Pebble Smartwatch—now what? Technology has made it easier than ever to design and manufacture a killer product, but understanding how to enter the retail market is more complex than most of us think.

Super-Charging Your Creative Projects and Teams for Massive Innovation | Speaker: Aaron Dignan
Learn how to organize your projects, collaborate, iterate, and innovate in the fast-paced digital age. This session will share key principles that make today’s most impactful companies (such as Uber, Airbnb, Tesla, Dropbox, and Google) succeed, and explain how you can bake them into your creative process and org structure.

These sessions are starting to fill up. Be sure to register now for ones you’d like to attend.