Selling 5x Faster With Electronic Signatures



Salespeople are experts at understanding the customer, building trust, and closing deals. But this time, you didn’t close the deal. Your competitor did.


In talking with our customers, we’ve learned that very often a deal is lost in its final stages. The customer has done their due diligence and is set to sign.  Yet, that’s when mistakes can — and do — happen:

  • Were you faxing pages or waiting overnight? Blurry piles of paper are so dated, and overnight delivery costs you hours and money. Even worse, both can delay closing the deal.
  • Did you make the process too difficult? Many customers must “cc” their counterparts in legal, procurement, and other internal departments. Did they, or you, have to make and route copies? If so, you wasted time and created roadblocks.
  • Did you drive them away? Following up on the status of contracts can be awkward for both you andthe customer.  Did your follow-up convey desperation? Did you come across as too pushy?

Electronic signatures change the entire game.  They’re fast, 100% legal, and easy to set up and use, whether you’re part of a huge corporation using CRM (like TiVo) or a freelancer seeking to sign an important business document.

An electronic signature goes straight into a customer’s inbox, reduces the act of signing to a few simple clicks, and works on any mobile device.

Even better, electronic signatures are fast – 500% faster in many cases, but some customers do even better:

Adobe just released its latest version of Adobe EchoSign, and it’s loaded with lots of new features that sales cares about — especially features that make closing deals on mobile devices even easier.

Start closing faster:  Learn more about electronic signatures or try it now.

*Reposted from the Adobe EchoSign blog.

Mark Grilli

Mark Grilli is vice president of product marketing for Document Cloud at Adobe. He is responsible for worldwide marketing strategy and implementation of Document Cloud, including Acrobat DC and Adobe eSign services. Prior to joining Adobe, Grilli held marketing and client services positions at WebEx (now a Cisco Company) and was co-founder in an elearning start up. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from UCSB and earned his MBA from Pepperdine University.

Mark Grilli