Summit 2015 Call for Topics

Summit 2015 STD

Planning is kicking off for Adobe Summit 2015 (March 9-13) and we want your thoughts on what hot topics you’d like to see covered within digital measurement, testing and targeting, social, digital advertising, mobile, e-mail, and web content management. We’ve opened up a call for topics so you can shape your experience with us in Salt Lake City, UT. Interested in presenting on a specific topic? This is definitely the place to pitch it:

We’re looking for any and all input by September 20. Share your topics and get your colleagues to chime in too.


  1. Peter Mackhé

    Great event 2014. I’d like to se more examples how anaytics can improve mobile and social media and create business succsess.
    Predictive analysis more Concrete examples in different fields, the L’Occtane example was great.
    If you can bring nayone in printed media that have found ways to connect digital and analog consumtion.

    Best Regards

    Peter Mackhé

  2. Eric Knee

    I currently work on implementing and managing our analytics platform across various web assets for Aetna. One thing I would love to see is a session or two where people can come together and discuss implementation tactics, success stories and pain points. I don’t want this to be like a typical session though were there are a few presenters on stage. Instead I would prefer a round table type discussion with smaller groups lead by a moderator. I think this would really allow myself and others to network while learning about different ways people use the various tools that Adobe has.

    If this was possible to do I would be very excited.

  3. Anonymous

    Can you please move Adobe Summit to Hawaii for 2016.
    It would be amazing to have it once every 5 years in the warm weather of Hawaii…. Plus it’s closer for your APAC customers to attend. 🙂

  4. Matt Rozen

    uh YEAH! I would love this. 🙂

    I’ll check with the powers that be, but not sure we should hold our breath. You know that keynotes will be online? And I think some sessions too once all is complete. Not quite the same but it’s still a little something. -Matt