Break Up With Your Bad Self

We all have bad habits that are just $*!@&# hard to let go, but maybe…just maybe…you can kick it this year at Adobe MAX. In preparation, it’s time to break up with your bad self.

What does that mean?

Literally, break up with your bad habits – with your best break-up line. Try to let yourself down easy.


Yes, breaking up is easier said then done. But when it’s all over, we all feel so much better talking about it. So share your breakup-line-with-yourself selfie, with us and your followers – on Twitter, Instagram or other social network of choice using #AdobeMAX. To cheer you up, we have some surprises for a few of you lucky ones.

Of course, everyone taking part will feel better because you can go to MAX – the perfect opportunity to start fresh. Register today to learn some new habits, get inspired, and start a brand new relationship with your creative self!