Creativity Takes the Lead

Our largest creativity conference kicks off today and nearly 6,000 creatives from all over the world are joining us in LA this week, while another half a million will join us online. MAX is where the creative community comes together to share ideas, inspiration and learn from one another.


As attendees have started arriving, there is a general sense that there has never been a better time to be a creative person. Here’s why:

Technologies like touch computing, 3D design and printing, new input models, creative imaging and animation are changing how and what you can create. Innovations like these are coming at a staggering pace from Adobe and others. And we’re focused on making sure they make their way into the creative process as soon as possible.

But, of course, technology is just an enabler. It’s what people do with it that really matters. And the creative community is leading the charge here. The lines that used to exist between creative disciplines are disappearing as sites like Behance help connect people across multiple fields. The result is that the majority of Behance members now publish work that spans multiple disciplines, across traditional forms like design, web, photography and video.

That’s because a design led mindset is taking hold in big companies and small ones as they start to realize that good design is good business. And that good design should feel like a single, integrated experience that engages their communities and customers consistently across every interaction. As a result, the creative community’s impact will continue to increase as design-led innovation inevitably takes hold in more and more organizations.

This trend is pushing the creative community to work in new ways, and as a result, we’re committed to rapidly innovating to keep this community ahead of its opportunities. Our Creative Cloud release today at MAX – which comes just 3 months after our major announcements in June – deliver on our promise of continuous innovation. Today’s release spans:

  • Desktop: New features in our desktop apps allow Creative Cloud members to be the first to take advantage of new hardware and software capabilities.
  • Mobile: A new family of Creative Cloud-enabled mobile apps lets customers to work in new ways, and stay connected to the familiarity, power and workflows they rely on with the
  • Community: Creatives of all disciplines come together on Behance to collaborate, inspire each other and grow their Our new Creative Talent Search will help Creative Cloud members find new opportunities themselves or find new talent to grow their teams.
  • Assets: Content flows easily between desktop, mobile and community with our integrated asset layer. And our new Creative Cloud Libraries feature (integrated into our desktop and mobile apps) makes it much more productive to work across desktop and mobile.
  • Market: A growing library of content filled with beautiful work from the community is better integrated into your desktop and mobile apps.
  • Creative Profile: All of this connected through your creative identity – now allowing you to easily work across desktop, mobile and web.

Our sole focus is to provide the tools and services that give Creative Cloud members the ability to design the future. And today marks another step toward that goal. But we’re just getting started! I’m looking forward to an inspiring few days at MAX and then getting back to work with the teams to, hopefully, surprise you with more great innovation in the months ahead.

If you can’t join us live in LA, please check out the keynote replay here. Lots of exciting things in store for the creative community!

David Wadhwani

As former senior vice president and general manager of the Digital Media business unit, David Wadhwani lead Adobe's development of solutions for content publishers, digital artists and storytellers, and application developers. He oversaw the full range of the creative products from core content creation for photography, imaging and video to interactive media to efficiently and richly target the increasing number of mobile devices and Internet-connected televisions. Wadhwani was also responsible for end-to-end media solutions for digital publishing and video distribution and monetization. Wadhwani is a member of the Fine Arts Museums’ Board of Trustees and sits on the Brown University Advisory Committee on Computing and IT. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Brown University.

David Wadhwani