Changing landscape creates opportunities & challenges for creative professionals in APAC

Earlier this year we undertook a study to understand the pulse of creative professionals across Asia Pacific. What motivates them? What are their aspirations? What are the challenges they face every day? How do they view the industry they work in? These were some of the questions that we posed to over 2500 creative professionals across Singapore, South Korea, Greater China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), India, Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). Respondents included graphic designers, illustrators, web designers, photographers, video professionals and the like working across large corporations, small businesses as well as freelancers.

The end result was a colorful insight into the lives of creatives across APAC. While some themes like the increasing importance of mobile devices resonate across the region, it was also interesting to see regional variations that highlight the rich cultural and creative milieu that impacts the growing economies of the region.

83% of creative professionals in Asia Pacific believe creativity and design thinking are becoming more important to businesses with over 80% outlining the fact that mobile is transforming the face of creativity and design. This is not surprising seeing that Asia Pacific is home to half the world’s mobile devices. The rise of mobile brings with it plenty of opportunities and challenges for creatives to create content across platforms and devices.

Adobe_APACreport_Mobile devices

It was interesting to see that Korean creatives (46%) are more likely to believe that mobile devices make the job of creatives more challenging by increasing the number of output mediums while creatives in Greater China (56%) appreciate the fact that mobility has made creative work accessible to a broader audience. They are also more likely to report that they are using mobile devices to present creative concepts (53%). India (42%) and Singapore (41%) are more likely to state that mobile allows them to create content anywhere, making them significantly more likely to be inspired outside the office or studio than the APAC average, which was 32%.

The study also outlined how creatives today perceive their rapidly-changing industry. Social media has come to play a dominant in the lives of creatives, whether that’s as a source of inspiration or an important success metric. In fact, success in the social verse is now considered an even more important indicator of success than industry awards, showing that the industry is undergoing a sea change.

Adobe_APACreport_Measures of sucess

The desire to learn new things, seeing their ideas brought to life and wanting to do great work were the top factors motivating creatives across the region.


India (53%) and Singapore (50%) creatives are also motivated by the knowledge that their work is having an impact on causes or social issues while ANZ respondents (61%) feel most strongly about producing great work. Creatives in Korea (41%) and Singapore (41%) are motivated by the knowledge that their work is having an impact on business.

The full report presents more such fascinating insights into the beliefs, challenges and aspirations of the APAC creative professional. You can also delve into regional details for the countries surveyed.

To read the full report click here:

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Janie Lim

Janie leads the field marketing team in each market area (Australia & New Zealand, South East Asia, India, Greater China and Korea) to ensure close partnership with respective regional sales counterparts as well as tight integration with the APAC and global go-to-market plan

Janie Lim