Adobe CIO Interview: Elevating IT from Cost Center to Value Center

Adobe’s CIO, Gerri Martin-Flickinger, shares insights with CxO-Talk on leadership, innovation, and business transformation.   During the live video conversation, Gerri speaks with co-hosts Michael Krigsman, Enterprise Analyst and Vala Afshar, CMO of Extreme Networks about Adobe’s business transformation to a subscription service and the strategic role IT played in the transformation.

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As a CIO leader with more than 25 years of experience, Gerri discusses the evolution of the CIO’s role and how that change has been profound in the last few years with information and data management playing an integral role in digital businesses. The infrastructure knowledge and data capabilities and insights within IT are helping to drive the innovation, development and marketing of products – IT is now in the product.

Gerri addresses the new dynamics between IT, Marketing and Engineering and how the relationships have evolved to become highly integrated and collaborative.  From an operational standpoint, Gerri talks about IT shifting to a services model, (IT as a Service) positioned as an end-to-end partner to the business and moving away from a cost center, only managing back-end infrastructure.

Her 6 tips for elevating IT from cost center to value center were summarized in the subsequent Huffington Post article,  Digital Business Transformations Starts with the CIO.

  1. Moving the conversations from cost to value is a journey
  2. Declare your intent to customers
  3. Enable the back office
  4. Form partnerships with the business
  5. Leverage analytics to make better informed decisions
  6. Use consistency and simplicity to formulate a story

Hear directly from Gerri Martin-Flickinger: