We’re at Sundance Film Festival ‘15

It’s no surprise that Sundance is one of the most talked about film festivals given the talent that submits work and the films premiered. This year’s lineup is getting a lot of buzz, and we’re proud to share that 21 films debuting at Sundance were cut using Premiere Pro CC. Check out the list.

Sundance isn’t just about looking for celebrities, watching new films and guessing which will get picked up by the big distributors, there are also great seminars and panels with filmmakers that dive into the art and craft of making movies. Even if you aren’t going to Park City this year, you can join us Friday January 23 at 3pm MT for a panel about “How technology is blurring the lines between indie and Hollywood.” The session, part of the New Frontier program, will feature some of the brightest up-and-coming filmmakers as well as veteran Hollywood heavyweights. Be sure to watch the live stream.


The panel is just the beginning of our Sundance experience…

We’ll have a video crew on the ground talking to and profiling filmmakers, but since it’s impossible to meet everyone, we’re hoping you will meet us half way. Tell us your story and we’ll promote it on Adobe social networks and screens around Park City! Just make a short 1-2 minute video showing us:

  • The moment you knew you wanted to be a filmmaker
  • What inspires you
  • What brings you to Sundance

Share your video on Twitter, Facebook (publicly of course) or even Instagram (if it’s 15 secs) using #SundanceSpotlight. We’ll find it and feature it across our social channels – and, if you create your short using Premiere Clip, you’ll be on screens around Sundance!

Even better, the first 50 videos shared using #SundanceSpotlight will get a free 3-month Creative Cloud membership – so get started now.

Star in a 10-second short and create your own #SundanceMoments movie with us. We’ll be at The Chalet (306 Main Street) alongside Dell & Pitchfork January 27-28 with a green screen and an animated short. Come by and let our director guide you into acting in an Instagrammable, tweetable and/or Facebook-worthy videogram. Hours:

The Chalet


  1. Sam Guide

    Good to know you’re going to be there. It’s going to be really interesting and I will certainly look out for you guys!