What’s New at Adobe Summit

We’ve told you who’s playing at Summit Bash, and the luminaries who will take the stage during the general sessions at Summit, but we haven’t let you in on some of the amazing upgrades we’re making this year to make Summit even better than years past. Here’s the scoop:

What's new at Summit 2

1. New breakout session tracks.

Last year we added Industry Vertical Day to give you a chance to really hone in on marketing ideas and tactics relevant to your field. We’ve added more industry vertical sessions this year to help hospitality brands avoid expensive mistakes in search marketing, or teach eCommerce managers how to create a winning mobile strategy. Expect to get every question you’ve ever want answered about marketing answered at Adobe Summit.

We’ve also added a track specific to mobile development and marketing. And while you probably wish you had $1 for every time your boss mentioned the words ‘mobile’ and ‘marketing’ in the same sentence, we’ve found there’s still quite an opportunity for marketers in the mobile arena. Think of this track as an opportunity to get ideas that you can immediately translate into growth for your career and for your company. A win-win.

What's new at Summit 3

2. We’re moving the labs.

We love hands-on learning and we know you do, too. We’re moving the labs across the street to the Marriott City Creek to make room for more labs and more participants in each lab. Whether you’re a data geek who knows every Excel shortcut or a creative type, with the variety of labs offered this year, you can’t not go home from Summit with a new skill set, Use the labs to gain resume-building, boss-wowing skill sets.

3. We mentioned this, but just because it’s a biggie…

… we’ll mention it again. Summit Bash is moving to Energy Solutions Arena. ‘Nuff said.

This post was previously published on the Adobe Digital Marketing blog, February 5, 2015.