Listen to These White Papers


You don’t have time to read a white paper. We get it. How many do you have piled up on that far side of your desk? Or filed in email? You want the insights and analysis, but they aren’t particularly friendly or consumable for the professional on-the-go.

“Marketers are busier than ever and much of the content they need in order to stay on top of the changes in their field are locked up in white papers. Most can’t find time to read these white papers,” says Alex Amado, Sr. Director, Creative & Media. “We’re opening up that content in a new format we hope will make it easier and more entertaining to stay informed about modern marketing.”

Today, we’re launching our first series of mobile-friendly audio white papers. Appropriately, the podcasts are on the topic of cross-channel marketing, how to keep mobile app users engaged and other mobile best practices. And, to make them a little more exciting Adobe teamed up with actor Malcolm McDowell and other talented voice actors to narrate the content.

Our first three podcasts are available right now on SoundCloudiTunes Radio or as the first-ever non-music playlist on Spotify.

Now we have to figure out what to call it… is it a “podpaper?” A “whitepod?” As long as you call it “awesome,” we’re happy.