Peek Behind the Sneaks Mashup

As a curious consumer, there’s nothing better than catching wind of a new innovation in development; except for catching wind of three, of course! The Adobe Labs have been cooking up a storm, and while we can’t tell you everything, take a look at our three “peek behind the sneaks” to get a taste of Adobe’s recent developments in computer vision, marketing and film-making.

Datatone: Analytics as Simple as Asking a Questiondatatone2

Siri is already a familiar tool for many mobile phone users, but you’ve probably never heard of ‘Datatone,’ a technology prototype that is set to revolutionize data access for marketers. Depending on your vocal or textual demands, Datatone scours through available data and organizes it into elegant and comprehensive charts, graphs or models.

Morph Cut: In Pursuit of the Perfect Sound Bite

Floraine Berthouzoz was just an intern at Adobe when she first developed the inspiration for a technology in Adobe Premiere Pro that edits jump cuts into seamless, natural transitions, filling in sound bite gaps and producing cohesive footage. It was repackaged as “Morph Cut” for the Creative Cloud 2015 release. Film editors have never had an easier time cleaning up interviews and more.

3D Photo Magic: Imagination in Three Dimensions


Never again do furniture buyers have to undergo the hassle of returning furniture that turned out to be the wrong size, shape or color. 3D Photo Magic constructs representative 3D models from photographs of rooms, simulating the lighting, geometry and perspective of the camera. Users can then drag and drop furniture or objects onto the photo that will read and then adjust to the parameters of the space, giving an accurate representation of how a sofa or lamp would look within a room.